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Quick Shots Of False Hope

On the wall in the corner of the dentist office was a poster with a rainbow over a field of butterflies. Inside the stripes of the rainbow were the words: BELIEVE IN MIRICLES. I took this as a message that probably wasn't from God. A message to cherish life's outrageously ironic moments - because they were what I could count on. Maybe I would never live comfortably or be considered successful, but instead I would be the one person lucky enough to bear witness to the kind of foibles that aren't the stuff set up on TV shows, that are barely the stuff of normal people's lives. Like the time I opened the door to a friend's apartment building just as an old man tripped down a short flight of stairs and landed on another old man who was sleeping one off in the foyer. What's that worth. Can the experience of that moment be bought?
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