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Pop tarts = Popularity

My cupboards were un welcomely raided last night by an unidentified group of persons, with smore Pop tarts and saltines being amongst the favorite items of pillage. I guess this is to be expected when you bemingle a horde of unsupervised alcoholics in a kitchen bearing toaster pastries. By normal standards I suppose the party was a success. My house was filled with loud music, drunken strangers, and Stephanie once again passed out in the bathtub for a mid-party nap. These would usually be tell-tale signs of party time excellence, but all I am left with is a fridge full of cheap beer and a feeling of dissatisfaction. It will probably be the last installment in a trilogy of parties that I've thrown with this same crowd. I'm likening it to the Godfather movies, the first being the best, but peaking a high point with the sequel and uneventfully ending with a part III that was over hyped and unnecessary, minus Andy Garcia to make it all seem appealing. It's just not worth all the things I do and go through to make it happen (and belive me I go through some shit), just to feel unappreciated while sweeping up cigarette butts into an overflowing trash can. It wasn't a terrible evening for I was intoxicated and met a few new people. I'm just tired of lending myself and my house to be the scapegoat for other people's enjoyment. From now on I'm letting someone else throw the party, although they never are as good.
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