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Have Yourself A Merry Little August :)

While secluded in my dimly lit and thinly walled basement room, the volume at which I am listening to X-Mas music is deafening. With the accompaniment of my soaring vocals, I fear I may have unwittingly invited the neighbors and anyone in a 2 block radius to join in the yule tide cheer. Once again the unintentional seclusion of an inactive summer weekend has catapulted me into a festive mix of carols and cigarettes. A sort of cabin fever if you will, minus the ever refreshing scent of pine.
When not expressing my inner American Idol with the help of holiday classics, an hour or two may be spent with my imitation Monsters Inc. coloring and activity book. Although the characters in the book are generic, I draw the line (no pun intended) when it comes to coloring tools, settling for no less than a 48 count box of Crayolas. There is no substitute for the smoothness and originality of colors in a Crayola box, for every other brand of crayon seems to be made from recycled candle wax.
The over abundance of time passing activities such as these that currently enthrall my life has lead me to believe that I have reached new and unforeseen levels of boredom. So many hours spent in solitude has even floundered my psyche to the point where I am truly considering finding a real job just so I know there is something to do every day. In fact I may start looking once I am finished alphabetizing and sorting my CD and Video collection by artist and genre. Until then, I'll have to muddle through somehow...
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