Brenden (whoa_nelly) wrote,

Get Out of My Dreams... and into My Car

Having a license to drive is not all it's cracked up to be. I once thought it would be my ticket to freedom, fame, fortune, and a free high off the fumes at the gas pump. However being in the midst of family and friends who do not have a license or car of their own, it has in fact become their ticket to ride. There seems to be no end to the appointments, grocery stores, and diaper and baby wipe trips that people just expect me to bring them to as if it were my 1st priority. No one is worse at feeling they have entitlement over my legal driving status than my sister. Being the hypochondriac that she is, she has set up residence at our local health care center as her new home away from home. I would say she finds one reason or another, whether it be a sinus problem or her foot has inexplicably become sore over night, to make me bring her there at least once a week. I bring her there so often that if she requested a recliner with a microwave oven and mini-fridge complete with chicken quesidilla Hot Pockets in a secluded area of the waiting room, I can find no argument they could transpire against it. They might opt for Lean Pockets however, stating that although she was at one time pregnant, she isn't any longer and shouldn't still eat like she is. Nevertheless, even an apple a day wouldn't keep this girl away.

In all honesty, if I wasn't constantly being badgered for rides I probably wouldn't be doing anything much at all. There's always something in my house though that I could find to hot glue, paint. or organize. But then If I didn't pick people up, there would be no one to share the finished product with. And I do enjoy driving, but particularly by myself . That's when I can blast any music I want and ear piercingly sing at the top of my lungs. It's always amusing to look over at the car next to you and catch the person inside having their own little kareoke contest, but not so much amusing when you are that person.
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