Brenden (whoa_nelly) wrote,

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Guilty Good Sumaritan

I may have been officially fired from D'Angelos today without really doing much of anything. I suppose not doing something is doing something when you don't show up for work and fail to inform them of said plans. At least I could have called to finesse a story about my grandmother's recent death or how I just threw up last night's take out order. Although how many deceased relatives and cases of food poisining can one person realisticly encounter.
As it is my nature, I am more content with being passive aggressive about it anway. I feel my truancy effectivly delivered the notion that this job sucks and if I have to peel and core another 50 pound bag of onions I just might become a vegetable myself. But if a tree falls in the woods and noone is there to hear it does it still make a sound? I think it does, and is sounds like, "You're Fired!"
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